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Providing organic land care to the South Shore since 2004.
"I didn’t think it was possible to live in New England and go all summer long without a single tick or be bothered by those pesky mosquitoes, but last summer I had that pleasure! The garlic spray is unbelievable  -- it creates an imaginary bubble over your yard so that you can enjoy being outside during the warm summer nights.

"And to not have to worry about pulling ticks off me or the dog really was an added comfort. I will definitely be having Dave come and spray every summer. Thank you!"
~Kate M., Norwell

"During last summer, when we used Summit Landscape for our mosquito/tick control, our dog never even had one tick -- and we back up to the end of the South River. We were able to sit outdoors ourselves comfortably and entertain, without pesky mosquitoes bothering us." 
~Carol B. Marshfield

"As parents of two young children, we were concerned about using chemicals to control ticks and mosquitoes, so an organic alternative was a great find. Dave treats our yard on a regular schedule, and it makes a big difference."
~Chris C. Duxbury

"I have two small kids and am concerned about the hazards from mosquitoes/ticks. Since having my yard treated a few times a year by Summit Landscape, I have not found any ticks on the kids and rarely use bug spray. Very happy with results."
~Jason L., Marshfield

"The tick activity in 2012 was the worst we have seen in nearly 10 years. The organic spray treatments were effective, and we were confident our dogs would not see side-effects like they would through conventional treatments."
~Mark S., Duxbury

"Before Dave started spraying my yard for mosquito/tick control, I couldn't even mow my lawn without having at least three ticks on me. After he starting spraying his environmentally-friendly bug spray, I, my family, and our dog have not had one tick on us. We can now play free in our backyard."
~Jeff S., Marshfield

Due to the popularity of this program, Summit Landscape can only take on new customers in Marshfield and Duxbury. If you live in one of these towns, please call 617.257.2609 or email summitorganiclandcare​
If you live in a different South Shore town, please call Carl Brodeur at 508.584.2516 or email him at Tell him that Dave sent you. Carl and Dave developed the garlic spray recipe together, so you're getting the same effective treatment!
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For mosquito and tick sprayings in 
Marshfield and Duxbury, please
For mosquito and tick sprayings in other South Shore towns, please contact Carl Brodeur. Tell him that Dave sent you.

"The smell of summer 
with no ticks or mosquitoes is garlic!  
After Dave sprays, we have far fewer ticks and mosquitoes and can really enjoy the best part of the year -- summer.  
We've recommended him and will again."

~Ansley P., Hingham
People are talking about Summit's mosquito and tick control

"Eliminate the use of DEET and other chemical repellants."
“For the past seven years, the grounds of South River Veterinary Service have been beautifully managed by Summit Landscape. Dave Macdonald has brought his love for the natural world and his respect for its diversity to his work, and the gardens are thriving under his care.

"Finding alternatives to chemical weed and insect killers, Dave has made our property a safe place for people and animals. I believe that lawn chemicals may be the cause of many of the cancers, skin conditions, and immune problems I see in my veterinary practice and am happy to show my clients that natural alternatives to 'conventional' lawn care can yield lovely results.

"Dave's level of commitment to his work as well as his depth of knowledge and consistent service are very impressive, and we are thrilled to work with him."
~Jenny Maas, DVM
South River Veterinary Service

People are talking about Summit's organic land care
“I first engaged Summit Landscape (Dave Macdonald) in May 2007, having been endlessly frustrated with earlier attempts to complement our new home addition with a new lawn, and having made a decision to fully develop and manage an organic lawn.

"I have used Summit Landscape ever since: fertilizing, conditioning, and developing our lawn with regular fall and spring applications.

"Initially there was a period of aeration and soil development. Since then, I have engaged Dave’s services and follow his recommendations each year using compost tea with remineralization, organic fertilizer/soil conditioner.

"I cannot say enough about the spectacular results. Each year the suppression of pre-emerging weeds is easier, and our lawn has grown thicker, softer, and richer. Now in our fifth year, our lawn results from Dave’s services and advice have been great. We could not be more pleased."

~Byron and Jean Drinkwater
​The largest carrier of the ticks that carry Lyme disease is not deer, it's field mice and other small mammals.
To reduce the population of ticks and mosquitoes in your yard -- for health, safety, comfort, and peace of mind -- consider having your yard sprayed. For a safe and effective treatment, please contact us.