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Providing organic land care to the South Shore since 2004.
​For optimal lawn and property health, you might want to consider the following optional services:
Summit Landscape also offers the following optional services:

Organic mosquito and tick control
Garlic concentrate that is sprayed once a month for mosquito control – more frequently for ticks. 

Design and planting
A professional eye to help landscape your yard; knowledge of native plants.

Aerator pulls small plugs of soil out of your lawn to lessen compaction and increase the amount of oxygen, water, and fertilizer that are able to penetrate. 

Compost topdress and overseeding
To improve soil health, high-quality compost is applied on top of the soil and overseeded for maximum density of new grass.

Tree and shrub care (deep-root feedings)
Any trees or shrubs suffering from disease or in need of extra care benefit from a deep-root injection of compost tea and other soil amendments.

Professional advice regarding the organic care of any aspect of your lawn, trees, shrubs, or garden.

Lawn renovations
Aeration, compost topdress, overseeding, slice seeding, and fertilization all play a role in rebuilding soil health.

Summit Landscape offers the following baseline services:

Site analysis
​Includes consultation, soil samples, and detailed soil report.​
​All soil samples are analyzed by the Soil and Plant Tissue Testing Laboratory at UMass-Amherst.

Organic fertilizer/soil conditioner
​Applied twice a year, spring and fall. 
Organic fertilizers are carbon-based compounds that increase the productivity of plants. It is safe to walk on your grass immediately after application.

Calcitic lime 
Onsite pH reading determines proper amount of lime that needs to be added to your lawn to bring up the pH level, thereby minimizing weeds and optimizing soil health. 
Calcitic lime is just calcium, unlike dolomitic lime, which is a combination of calcium and magnesium.

All types: trees, bushes, orchards.
"An organic mindset should be tolerant of plant diversity."