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Providing organic land care to the South Shore since 2004.
...and for pets

  • Do you have children or pets (or neighbors who do?)

  • Do you care about the earth? 

  • Are you more interested in a healthy lawn than a perfectly manicured one?

  • Do you want to walk barefoot on your grass, without worrying about exposure to chemicals and pesticides?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then organic lawn care might be  right for you. 

“In an organic program, we are trying to restore, rebuild what has been lost in the soil from conventional fertilizers and possibly site construction and runoff,” said Summit Landscape founder Dave Macdonald, adding that every property is different and soil conditions vary greatly. 

Organic lawn care “is a process, not an event,” Dave stresses, especially for properties that have been chemically treated for many years. It takes time to restore the soil to a healthy state, and the resulting lawn can be lush and green depending on the applications and budget.

"Grass that is healthy and chemical-free just feels better."
Safe for kids...
Due to the increased popularity of this program, Summit Landscape can no longer take on new lawn fertilization customers.
Please contact Silver Fern Landscaping.  They offer safe, eco-friendly services. Call 781.878.1305 or email Say that Dave at Summit Landscape       sent you. Thanks!